“Now thank we all our God as we come to the end of another year, blest in so many ways, looking forward to 1987 as a blank page.  What will be the writing come Dec. 31, 1987?

May our New Year be happy, not in what happens, so much as what we make be through the saving gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

We celebrate His Circumcision and His naming.  We know what the angel named Him.  We know what Mary and Joseph named Him.  But what will I name Him?

A name imparts a meaning, a role, a place in your life.  What meaning, role and place will Jesus have in mine?  What meaning, role and place did He have for the shepherds?  Was it a one time visit, or did their lives have new direction and meaning because of Him? What possible name could you give Him?

‘Irrelevant’ … ‘Too Tough to Follow’ … ‘Boring’ … ‘Unrealistic’


Meaning – lover, friend, savior, adviser, adversary

Role – teach, guide, empower, inspire, activate, console

Place – infrequently distant, always, close”