The writings below are taken directly from Lou’s personal journal and assorted papers.

It is important to point out that he made no attempt at regular entries … they were more serendipitous.

  • Some material was written during reflections on retreats at Stella Maris Renewal Center in Skaneateles, NY.
  • Other writings were triggered by special holidays such as Thanksgiving and Easter.

NOTE: These are transcribed literally; no editing has been done.  His voice rings clear.

Lou Loved to
Collect Quotes

Imagine a confrontation with God, in which he says, “What can I do with you?  I had the right to expect so much more from you with all the gifts and graces I had bestowed upon you.  You have so often been little and so focused on yourself that you seldom let the love of my Holy Spirit shine through.

If I gave you what you deserve you would be knotted up, trapped in the prison of your littleness forever.

But I love you and I will free you. I ask only one thing – that you try your level best to act the way I do to you towards others who have not lived up to your expectations.

That incidentally is one of the good reasons why we sing in church… it is the beautiful way to shout – about God’s goodness and His love and his forgiveness. It is why I sing so loud.  It is the only way I have to feel and show and share God’s wonderful goodness to me in spite of me.


  1. Weakness the Hallmark of True Priesthood? [October 1989]
  2. Thoughts in the Great Tredecim [1987]
  3. Look Outside Ourselves [Epiphany 1987]
  4. New Year’s Eve [December 31, 1986]
  5. Easter [1988]