Lou and Linda’s Wedding – Also Lou’s 74th Birthday!

Lou and Linda were first married at the Colgate Divinity School in Rochester, New York … on Lou’s birthday.  After the ceremony (and taking pictures on the school’s magnificent lawn), everyone joined the reception in our back yard, resplendent with tents, Renaissance musicians and a Mime.

Take a look at some of the photos from that wonderful day, August 25, 1995.  Click HERE for MORE photos.

3- Wedding - Whole Party020

 Lou’s 88th Birthday Party (And Bon Voyage to Sarasota)

In August 2009, Linda (with the help of Judy and Gary Dir – and of course Lou, himself) hosted a farewell and birthday party for Lou Hohman.  The invitation was open to anyone who would like to come.  Many friends from years past came, making it a very special event.  Click HERE or on the image for MORE of the photos from that event!

2-2009 Party - Lou speaking003

 Lou’s Modeling – the Mann’s Jeweler TV Commercial

Lou was up for anything, even modeling.  He appears at the end … and yes, he had great legs!

The Art of Living

The first premise in the art of living is to be able to live with one’s problems.  Not to see them as problems to be solved, but as mysteries to be lived.

There is a wonderfully subtle yet important message here which steers us away from the negativity of thinking ourselves always involved in trouble simply because we have problems.

The Chinese sign for crisis is the same as the one for opportunity.  The problems we have our indeed opportunities.  We call them mysteries because we don’t really understand in many cases how they are opportunities.  If we take that mysterious point of view and regard problems as opportunities, it will make a world of difference.

It is not always easy to apologize, begin over, take advice, be unselfish, keep on trying, be considerate, think and then act, profit by mistakes, forgive and forget, shoulder a blame, but it usually pays.  Each of these things requires something difficult.  Something that goes against the grain of our nature.

But each of them carries a great reward if we must endure the pain and do the action.  It is important that we know that and that we follow that rule – do it!

A poem that Lou felt was important and which he used in homilies and workshops…followed by his commentary on it.

Lou’s Commentary

Life is many things —

When all is said and done,

what is required of us

is that we embrace it wholeheartedly.

That we live it fully.

That we seize the moment,

embrace it,

play with it,

enjoy it.

Life is many things.  Live it!