A Memoir of a Roman Catholic Priest

This book reveals the innermost thoughts of a young man on his journey into priesthood, his life’s struggles and triumphs as an Ordained Priest, and the way he handled the nine years of being excommunicated for getting married (after serving 49 years).  It tells how secrecy and intentional silence is the way the Roman Catholic Church holds its priests and its flock. His official request for dispensation – and everything that goes with it – is supposed to be kept private. Why?  That’s a question for the reader to consider.

The narrative is written in two voices: Lou’s and his wife, Linda’s. The result is a rare and unique insight into the making of a priest, the Roman Catholic Church and the “person” who is once and for all, a man first … dealing with life’s challenges, temptations and successes.

Readers will feel Lou’s unfailing devotion and his love of the Catholic Church … both the institution and the people. They will revel in his unflinching dedication to being open and telling the unvarnished truth about life in the priesthood and the impossibility of celibacy.

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