Louis John Hohman was born August 25, 1921 in Rochester, NY, the son of Louis John and Hildegard (Oberlies) Hohman.  He entered the Roman Catholic Seminary in 1934 and he was ordained as a parish priest in 1946.


Lou was told he had to get rid of those “bedroom eyes”.

Lou enjoyed parish assignments at St. Helen’s, Blessed Sacrament, Sacred Heart Cathedral, St. Vincent de Paul (Churchville) and St. Louis Church. He loved working with the students as teacher and spiritual advisor at St. Andrews Seminary and Rochester Institute of Technology.

He, along with Bishop Joseph Hogan, was instrumental in transforming how seminarians were educated (a program referred to as “Becket Hall”) which was a bold move away from a segregated (almost cloistered) approach to that of integrating the students into regular college life on the campus of St. John Fishersaying mass - with caption College … learning side by side with those whom they would later minister … a system that would become the prototype for seminary training throughout the country.

For 13 years, Lou had a weekly radio show “God in the Headlines” and wrote the editorial column in the Catholic Courier. He had a weekly TV Magazine show “Real to Reel” and produced more than 50 daily TV sermonettes. He retired in 1993, yet continued being of service to the community and enjoying his passion for golf.

Lou Hohman joined his Heavenly Father at age 89 in Sarasota, Florida on Saturday, June 11, 2011.

Partying with kids

Lou loved kids of all ages!



Officiating at wedding

Officiating at John and Nancy Golden’s Wedding



Babies and Baptism – Favorites of Lou


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