If you were to describe Lou Hohman with one adjective, what word would you choose?

Stars of Adjectives












We asked everyone who came to Lou Hohman’s 90th Life Celebration (held in Fairport, NY on August 25, 2011) to come up with one.  We put each on a post-it star.  Here is the collection.  You can add yours (and tell us what made you choose the word) in the comment section below.

Adjectives list - smaller

During the party, the skies opened up and it poured cats and dogs.  We we nestled snugly inside the park cabin, having a wonderful time.  When much to our delight, at the time we were ready to go outside to send birthday messages up to heaven for Lou, the clouds parted!

Sky opening up for us - in middle of a rain storm

So we all gathered in a circle, each with a balloon (so generously thought of, and provided for by Fran and Bob DeNormand).

Standing in a circle with balloons


Then with a prayer and a wish sent them up to Lou.

ballons all in sky

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