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On August 17, 2005 (just eight days before his 84th birthday), Lou Hohman shot a 75 on the East Course of Victor Hill’s Golf Club.  That was eight strokes under his official age … and just eight days away from having been nine strokes.

East Course Golf ScoreWell wishes sent in an email on August 25, 2005 from a friend…

Lou, many congratulations on the fantastic score! You have been an inspiration to many people in town — myself included over the years. You may not remember, but Sarah Paganelli and I were married by you 13 years ago at St. Louis. We were one of your last weddings. But to me personally you gave more. You brought me to the Catholic faith through your open, inspirational and inviting nature. And, Gerry Appleby converted me to Catholicism some several years later at Transfiguration. For the last several years I have been blessed to be a part of the RCIA program participating in extending the blessing of welcome that you first offered to me.

This morning I attended mass and thanked the Lord for the gift of faith that has been with me ever since. What a pleasure to then see your astounding feat in the paper! It brought a smile to my face all day — especially as a golfer who would love to someday shoot my age. But to shoot 9 strokes better has to be a miracle!  You keep leading and I’ll keep trying to follow! Congratulations and best personal regards, Kevin Pickhardt